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[wpforms id=”2332″ title=”false” description=”false”] Are you a local doctor who wants to reach out to new patients on the internet? Maybe you’re a specialist who wants to reach a national audience online. You’ll be glad to know that you can get just that when you use choose us as your healthcare SEO company for your Doctor’s website. You’ll get more business and your site will be found on the first page of Google. After all, if potential patients can’t find you online, they won’t be able to call you and you’ll miss out on that business. Don’t count on them looking for you in the phone book. Call us today for a free consultation for all kinds of services, including insurance SEO services. When you see the results you get with us, you’ll be glad that you did.

Tired of Not Seeing Your Website on Page One of Google?

I think you’ll agree that being on the first page of Google is the ideal place for any doctor. The great thing is you don’t have to figure it on your own. We’ll do it for you. When you use our services everything will be taken care of you from A to Z. All you have to do is answer the phone calls your website brings in. We’ve helped many businesses get to the top of Google and bring in new leads and phone calls. We’ll do the same thing for you. The only thing you have to do is call us to get the ball rolling.
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Reliable SEO for Medical Practices

You’ll enjoy the benefits of our services. Here’s a preview into how things work when you call us to set up your seo campaign:

  • When you use our seo services, your website will be completely seo optimized. That’s right, all your on page optimization will be done from top to bottom within the first month of beginning this service.
  • To start off, we’ll find out what search terms you want to rank for and we’ll find the keywords that match up to that. These keywords will be implemented into the content of your website.
  • If you don’t have pages on your site that revolve around your keywords, we’ll create them for you. When all is said and done, your site will speak to both new patients and the search engines.
  • Your patients will be interested in learning more and the search engines will mark your site as a relevant source of information for the keywords you want to be found for.
  • After your site is on page optimized, we’ll begin your off page optimization.
  • We’ll see what links you have already and get rid of any potentially harmful or spam links that are going into your site.
  • Then we’ll start building up your backlink profile with beneficial links. This will include a variety of dependable backlinking techniques that will boost your rank online.
  • Before you know it, your site will be on the first page of Google for your approved search terms.

No other seo services for doctors perform as well as the ones you get from us. We’ll do what it takes to improve your online ranking and bring in new leads. It’s time to rank above your online competition.


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Healthcare SEO Services Packages List

Here are some of our well reviewed monthly seo services, as well as additional digital marketing services that you can get from us. You can find out more during your free phone consultation.

  • keyword optimization – your site will be optimized for the keywords your new clients are searching for online
  • competition analysis – we’ll take a look at your competition and see what you need to outdo them
  • website analysis – we’ll analyze your site and improve it
  • duplicate content check – duplicate content is bad for the system and we’ll remove it from your site
  • backlink profile analysis – we’ll look at your backlinks and make sure they’re spotless
  • search engine submission – we’ll submit your website to the appropriate directories in your field
  • search engine ranking monitoring – we’ll constantly monitor your ranking
  • google penalty check – we’ll check to see if your site has any penalties
  • on page optimization – your site will be optimized for optimal ranking
  • off page optimization – you’ll get the best optimization for your site
  • backlinking – your site will generate fantastic backlinks
  • spam link removal – we’ll remove any spam links your site has from your unethical competition
  • email marketing – you’ll get an email campaign to send out to your patients
  • rank reporting – you’ll get monthly ranking reports
  • call tracking reporting you’ll also get monthly call tracking reports
  • social media marketing – you’ll get professional ads Facebook
  • ppc – you’ll get targeted ads on Google AdWords
  • plus more – call us to find out more1

You can depend on our monthly seo services to maintain the health of your website and increase your online ranking.

Here’s the Deal, We Solve Your Online Problems

Not doing too well online? Wish things could be better? Don’t worry, you can call us today to solve the following problems:

  • Low website rankings – Is your website not on page one? Now it will be the keywords that your prospective clients are searching for.
  • Competition ranking above your site – Is your website under your competition’s site? We’ll fix that for you. Time to rank above them.
  • Google Maps listing not showing – Is your Google Maps listing nonexistent? We’ll work to get it in the top 3.
  • Outdated looking website – Does your website look old? We’ll make it modern looking and beautiful.
  • Poorly converting site – No leads off your site? We have the remedy.
  • Poor local results – Not ranking in your area? We’ll get your site to show in your town when someone’s looking for a doctor.
  • No calls off of your site – Are you not getting calls off of your site? We’ll work on bringing in the leads you need.
  • No form fills off of your site – Not getting anyone to sign up for your newsletter? We’ll change that.
  • Spam links on your site – Is your competition rotten and spamming your site? We’ll clean that up for you.

If you’re experiencing any of the above mentioned online issues, call us today for a solution that works. We’ll gladly go assess your website and backlink profile and provide the results you need to succeed online.

Here’s the Best Part: Get a New Website for an Attractive Price

When you sign up for our services, we’ll design a beautiful website for a competitive price. That’s because we know that a modern looking site will help with your website conversion and therefore will lead to more calls for you. This site will include all of the content from your previous site, plus more if needed. The best part is we can host it for you as well.  You’ll be pleased with the price of your new site and you’ll be even happier with how great it looks. Your site will be mobile optimized and easy to navigate.

SEO for Local and Statewide Ranking

You can depend on us to rank your site for your both your city and state. For example, your site will rank for people searching for a doctor in your city and for people searching for a doctor in your state.

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The Right Kind of Backlinking and On-Site Optimization

The backlinking you get from us is structured to give your website authority and help bring it up on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Here’s a sample of the type of linking that will be done for your site every month.

  • Competitive backlinking
  • Website directory submissions
  • DMOZ submission
  • Local citation creation
  • Blog post submissions
  • Plus more

Our on page services optimize and implement:

  • Title tags
  • Header tags
  • Image tags
  • Sitemap creation
  • Sitemap submission
  • KML file submission
  • Content optimization
  • Plus more


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Professional Internet Marketing Services for Your Medical Office

You’ll be glad to know that you can use the affordable services of our search engine optimization company for your small or large medical business. Here are some of the types of medical offices that can benefit from using seo for their website:

  • Doctor’s office
  • Private doctor’s office
  • Local family physician
  • Private physician
  • Primary care physician
  • Family doctor
  • Medical practitioner
  • Urgent care clinic
  • Cash only clinics
  • Walk in doctor’s office
  • Surgery center
  • Pharmacies
  • Med spas

How You Can Use This(Get New Clients for Your Specialized Services)

Does your office offer specialized medical services? You can have full confidence in us to do the keyword research that will result in a laser targeted campaign that brings in clients need the services that you specialize in. People love looking up their symptoms online and may have already done the research to realize your specialty exists and that they need to see you as soon as possible. You can use our services to reach clients who need:

  1. Allergist
  2. Anesthesiologist
  3. Cardiologist
  4. Cardiovascular surgeon
  5. Colon surgeon
  6. Chiropractor
  7. Critical care medicine specialist
  8. Dermatologist
  9. Dentist
  10. Developmental pediatrician
  11. Emergency medicine specialist
  12. Endocrinologist
  13. Forensic pathologist
  14. Gastroenterologist
  15. Geriatric medicine specialist
  16. Gynecologist
  17. Gynecologic Oncologist
  18. Hand Surgeon
  19. Hematologist
  20. Hepatologist
  21. Hospice specialist
  22. Hyperbaric physician
  23. Infectious disease specialist
  24. Internist
  25. Interventional cardiologist
  26. Medical examiner
  27. Medical geneticist
  28. Neonatologist
  29. Nephrologist
  30. Neurological surgeon
  31. Neurologist
  32. Nuclear medicine specialist
  33. Obstetrician
  34. Occupational medicine specialist
  35. Oncologist
  36. Ophthalmologist
  37. Oral surgeon
  38. Orthopedic surgeon
  39. Otolaryngologist
  40. Pain management specialist
  41. Pathologist
  42. Pediatrician
  43. Perinatologist
  44. Physiatrist
  45. Plastic surgeon
  46. Psychiatrist
  47. Pulmonologist
  48. Radiation oncologist
  49. Radiologist
  50. Reproductive Endocrinologist
  51. Rheumatologist
  52. Sleep disorders specialist
  53. Spinal cord injury specialist
  54. Sports medicine specialist
  55. Surgeon
  56. Thoracic surgeon
  57. Urologist
  58. Vascular surgeon

You see, we’ll take the time to get to know what your medical office provides and what type of clients you need to grow your practice. Your campaign will be both custom and specific to your area of practice.

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Why SEO Matters(Do You Have an Online Presence in Your Town?)

Are you still advertising in the Yellow Pages and your local newspaper? The truth is, you may not get the return you need on that kind of investment simply because those items aren’t part of people’s everyday life every day. The last time you had a phone book in your hand was to throw it in the recycle bin. If you’re like most people you only read the paper on Sunday and half of that reason is too take a look at the coupons. Why put your advertising dollars there? On the other hand, you go on the internet every single day. You probably are reading this on your phone and you have that everywhere you go. That’s where your advertising budget needs to be spent. So, what kind of presence do you have online? Do you have a great Google Maps listings and multiple page one rankings? When people look up a doctor in your town, do they see your website or your competition’s website? You need to be on page one above your competition to get new patients into your office and we’ll help you do that. You can depend on us for personalized service every step of the way.

Get Targeted Traffic Coming to Your Website

The great thing about search engine optimization for your website is it funnels the people who are looking for your services to your website. Your website becomes a beacon for people who need a doctor in your area. For example, when someone searches for “physician in my area” or “pediatric doctor near me” your website will show up. If you want to come up for more specialized services, that can also be arranged. Instead of random people visiting your site, you’ll get an SEO campaign that directs people who need to visit your medical office to your website. Nothing could be better than that.

Online and Offline for Noticeable Differences

When you work with us, you’ll see a difference and know your campaign is working.

  • Your website will look better
  • You’ll see your website on the first page of Google
  • You’ll notice an increase in calls

All of this is to say you won’t have to guess if your search engine optimization package is working because you’ll see the results every day.

Did We Say More Phone Calls? Yes, We Did!

It bears repeating that you’ll get more phone calls when you use our high-quality services. SEO is not just about getting first page results although, that is a great part of the equation. The bottom line is you need phone calls and more patients for it to make sense for you to use it. We’ll make sure your website ranks and that it’s designed to get people to call you. Whether you want to grow your current office or get new patients for a second office, we’ll bring you the targeted traffic you need to succeed.

Get More Patients for Your Medical Practice

As a doctor, you have enough responsibilities on a day to day basis. You have a medical office to manage and patients to treat. The last thing you need to add to your plate is trying to figure out how to bring in new patients from the internet. The great thing is you can count on us to do that for you. We’ll bring in new patients to your office through increased website rankings and an improved total online presence. You handle the calls and we’ll keep on bringing them in.

Monthly Reporting That Keeps You in the Know

When you use our services you’ll receive reports every month that keep you apprised of the status of your seo campaign.

  1. The first report is a keyword rank report. This outlines where your site is ranking on Google for certain keywords. You’ll be able to use this report to see how your website is moving up in rank. You’ll see every single keyword your website is ranking for on all the major search engines.
  2. The second report is a call tracking report that displays exactly how many calls came in off of your website from organic search results. You’ll see where the calls came from and when they came in. You can also use this to block telemarketers from calling you. You’ll love seeing this report, because it shows you that your practice is growing. It’s most people’s favorite report.

These reports are a valuable part of your campaign. They show your campaign is working and over a few months you’ll be able to track measurable progress. You can also review the audio of the phone calls to listen to how your office staff answers the phone calls. This can help you improve call conversions if you find they aren’t giving your callers the information they need to visit your office.

seo services for doctor offices

The Real Story on Tracking(Why Call Tracking Is Vital to Your Campaign)

Call tracking lets you know how many people are calling you after you visit your website. This gives you an indication of the health of your campaign. It also lets you know how well people respond to promotions and special offers. For example, if you don’t get any calls off of an for a free consultation, you can change it to something else until the right offer is found. The call tracking is also important because you can listen to every call and hear how your staff is doing on the phone. You’ll learn a lot of information and that’s why we would never set up a campaign without call tracking. You’ll have your choice of a local number or an 800 number. Most offices prefer a local number because their patients are familiar with those numbers.

A Faster Loading Website for Improved Rankings

Does your current site take a long time to load up? That can negatively affect your rankings and the culprit may be your website host. Think about it? Do you stay on a site that takes a long time to load up? in most cases, you probably click out of it and go to the next one. That’s not what Google wants to see.  The good thing is when you sign up for us, we’ll host your website for you and you’re website load time will reduce significantly. You’ll get a better price than you’re currently paying and you won’t have to deal with slow load times ever again. This is just another perk of working with us.

How We Pick Your Keywords for Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Once you go with us for your seo services, we’ll sit down for a phone interview and find out more about your business and what terms you want your website to rank for.  We’ll then research those terms and related keywords and create the perfect set of keywords for your website. This is important because it’ll help your campaign get off to a great start.

Google Maps Setup and Consultation

You can depend on us to set up your Google Maps listings. If it’s already up, we’ll optimize for you and upload photos of your office. We’ll then train you on getting real reviews on it. This is essential to a listing that ranks well and we’ll make it simple to implement. Real reviews are the only way to go. Don’t ever consider buying reviews for your listing. It could cost you your entire listing and that’s not good if you have a local office. Trust us when we say, it’s truly not worth it. You can depend on us to train anyone on your staff to get your patients to leave reviews for you.

Acquire New Patients Digitally and Grow Your Practice

You’re smart enough to know that the days of picking up a phone book and looking up a physician are sadly over. If you want to acquire new patients and grow your practice you need online marketing. The growth of your office depends on your online reputation. When you use our services, your search engine rankings will improve and so will your online credibility. New patients will easily find you when they’re looking for a new doctor online.  We understand how important that is and we have a custom package that you can use to get the first page of Google for search terms your medical practice should be found for.

Conversion Sweetens the Pot

Your seo campaign will have website conversion in mind from day one. The keywords selected will be ones with enough search volume to generate calls. Your website will be optimized for those keywords. The key is, the optimization will strike the perfect balance between keyword optimization and readability. This means it will be what the search engines need to see to increase your ranking online, yet the wording will be appealing to the people reading your site. In the end, you have a site that ranks well and converts. It’s website traffic and calls. That’s what you deserve from any seo service.

Medical SEO Services for Hospitals & Healthcare

Whether you have a small medical office or a hospital, or any other type of healthcare practice, you can count on us for the best seo services for your website. If you’re in the healthcare industry you know how important it is to be easily found on search engines. It doesn’t matter if you need to market a pharmacy, hospital, medical software company, or medical device manufacturer, we can help. It’s what we do and we’re glad to be of service to you.

Why SEO Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Here are a few more reasons why seo will be a great benefit to your website:

  1. Control Your Online Reputation – New patients are going to look for you online and they should see multiple pages from your website. A good seo campaign gets this done. This is important because you don’t want them only seeing review sites.
  2. Keep Your Existing Patients – People do medical research online and it’s important that when they do, your website comes up in that mix. The more you can keep them on your site and off your competition’s site, the better.
  3. Impress New Referrals – You’re bound to get referrals from existing patients.  In this digital age, they’re going to look you up online. That’s why you need your site ranking, so it’s easy to find you.

Advertise New Services

Do you offer a variety of healthcare services at your office, but only show up online for one or two of them? Maybe you’re considering expanding your services. Whatever the case may be, you can use our seo marketing services to rank additional medical services online. You can also depend on us to do the keyword research to find out what the online search volume is like before advertising these new services. This will give you a better understanding of how many people you can expect to be interested in using your service and how many people search for it every month in your area.

Negative SEO Protection for Your Website

Medical seo is very, very competitive and not all search engine optimization firms are ethical. There’s a chance your competitor will create a negative SEO attack against your website. This can be done in a variety of ways, but most likely it will be done by sending spammy backlinks to your site. Don’t worry. We’ll be monitoring your website and your link profile. Should any of those links come your way, we’ll delete them immediately. No problem at all. This isn’t our first ride around the block. We know what to do if someone spams your site. In fact, we’ve helped our clients with this same problem in the past. There’s a precise way to take care of this and we’ll do that for you.

Expand Your Service Area

Thinking of opening a second office? Then you need seo services for that new location in order to rank in that area. Your website may be ranking for your current address, but you need seo work done specifically for the new one. You can count on us to create new content on your website, as well as the new Google Maps listing, and citation link build out.  We’ll also register a new tracking phone number. When all of this is completed, it sends the right signals to Google that your new location is up and your site ranks accordingly.

Real Local Results

It’s your turn to rank on the first page of Google and be the doctor people turn to in your town. You’ll get a campaign from us that generates local results. People are looking for a doctor in your town. They should find you when they’re searching online, not your competition. It’s time for you to get more calls and that starts with a well-optimized seo campaign. You’ll get that and personalized service when you call us now. You’ll be able to call us or email us anytime you need our help. We’ll be there for you.

Remember the Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Improved ranking – When you have expert seo services done for your website, it’ll rise up in the search engines. This will lead to multiple pages on your website ranking on page one of major search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. It’s a great feeling to see your website ranking above your competition.

More traffic to your website – Since you’re website will be ranking on the first page for your desired keywords like “doctor”, “physician”, and “medical clinic” you’ll get more people in your area visiting your site when they need a doctor.

New patients calling you – All of that traffic will lead to phone calls because we’ll make sure your website coverts well. This simply means when someone sees your website, they’ll want to call you because of the specific way your website is set up.



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Call Us Now for the Best SEO Plans and Pricing

If you’re ready to bring your website to the first page of Google and rank above competing medical offices in your area, call us today for a free medical office seo consultation and learn more about our unsurpassed services. During your personal consultation you’ll get:

  • keyword research
  • competition report
  • backlink profile analysis
  • ranking analysis
  • plus more

We look forward to creating a flourishing campaign for you that brings in new clients for you. Call 772-678-3303 to get started. 

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