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[wpforms id=”2332″ title=”false” description=”false”] Do you need drug rehab seo services? Do you want to see your website on your competition’s website? Would you like more drug rehab seo services clients calling you for treatment? You’ll be glad to know that you’ll get that and more when you use our effective seo services. Call us today for a free consultation. We look forward to helping you bring in new clients with our SEO for rehab centers.

Types Of Rehab Centers That Need SEO for Their Website

Do you own one of the following rehab centers? Search engine optimization services will bring up your website rankings and bring more people to your website. Here are just some of the rehab centers we can help with our addiction treatment marketing:

  • long-term residential treatment center
  • short-term residential treatment center
  • inpatient treatment programs
  • outpatient treatment programs
  • rehab for alcoholics
  • alcohol rehab inpatient/outpatient
  • faith-based rehabs
  • alcohol detox
  • alcohol counseling
  • aftercare programs
  • holistic rehabs
  • amphetamine rehabs
  • acamprosate rehabs
  • adderall rehabs
  • hash rehabs
  • kadian rehabs
  • k2 rehabs
  • fake weed rehabs
  • molly rehabs
  • N-BOMe rehabs
  • mdma rehabs
  • cocaine rehabs
  • crack rehabs
  • pcp/lsd rehabs
  • inhalent rehabs
  • heroin rehabs
  • methadone rehabs
  • codeine rehabs
  • hydrocodone rehabs
  • oxycodone rehabs
  • hydromorphone rehabs
  • morphine rehabs
  • fentanyl rehabs
  • opium rehabsdrug rehab seo
  • meperidine rehabs
  • tramadol rehabs
  • levorphanol rehabs
  • vicodin rehabs
  • lorcet rehabs
  • lortab rehabs
  • norco rehabs
  • oncet rehabs
  • procet rehabs
  • xodol rehabs
  • zydone rehabs
  • ecstacy rehabs
  • bath salt rehabs
  • crystal meth rehabs
  • zolpidem rehabs
  • weed/marijuana rehabs
  • methamphetamine rehabs
  • alcohol rehabs
  • prescription drug rehabs

Whether you help people with mild, moderate, or dangerously severe addiction problems you can use our services to help more people and get more addiction leads. People shouldn’t struggle to find your website online. When you let us optimize your site, they’ll find your site when they’re making the decision to do something to regain control of their life. Your site will also appeal to friends and family members of addicts who want to help a loved one in the midst of a battle with drug or alcohol addiction.

We can also you reach alcoholics looking for a prescription for:

  • Acamprosate
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Disulfiram
  • Naltrexone

We can help you reach drug addicts looking for a prescription for:

  • Methadone
  • Buprenorphine

Whether you want help getting your rehab found by people with a drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or both, you can depend on us for a job well done. You can also count on us to rank your site for mental health services if you offer treatments for a dual diagnosis.

Why Use SEO for Your Rehab Center

  1. Outdo your competition – Your competition has a website and you need to outrank it for as many search terms as possible.
  2. Bring more interest to your rehab – People can’t be interested in your rehab if they can’t find your website online. SEO will remedy that.
  3. Increase client reach – You can use seo to reach people looking for your services all over the country.
  4. Get more leads – A good seo campaign brings in leads from people who want to go to your drug rehab.
  5. Bring in more admits – You’ll get leads that you’ll have the opportunity to convert into admits.

The purpose of your rehab or detox center is to help people struggling with addiction. You can’t fulfill your purpose without new clients calling you for admission. Since the world we live in is digital, you need people to find you online. In order to be found online, you need a modern website and seo services. You can count on us for all of that. Our treatment center marketing brings in drug rehab leads. Remember, we don’t sell rehab leads, we’re marketing your site to bring in more leads just for your rehab. The drug rehab marketing plan you get from us will cover everything so you don’t have to buy rehab leads from someone who sells them to more than one rehab.

Reach More Clients in Need

The great thing about using search engine optimization is that your website will be served up to your potential clients during their greatest time of need. That’s right when they’re searching online for a rehab that will give them a new life. It’s essential for your website to show up on the first page of major search engines for them to find you. When someone types in addiction treatment, drug rehab, or alcohol detox you want your website to show up and seo is the way to accomplish that goal. If you’re wondering how to market substance abuse treatment, this is the way. It’s the type of rehab marketing you can rely on. Call us to find out more about our substance abuse lead generation.

Let Us Take Care of Your Online Woes

Is your website not what you want it to be? You can count on our marketing strategy for rehabilitation to solve the following problems:seo for drug rehabs

  • Competition outranking your site
  • Poor website rankings
  • Google Maps not ranking
  • Ugly looking website
  • Website not converting
  • No calls from your site
  • No email opt-ins from your site
  • Spam attack on your site

Your competition may be outranking your for keywords like drug rehab and alcohol detox, but it doesn’t have to be that way forever. Your website rankings may be in the toilet right now, but we can you improve them. Even the ugliest website can be improved upon. If not, we can start over and build you a new one. Conversion optimization is your answer to a website that’s not bringing in calls or leads. If your competition spams your site, those links will be dealt with swiftly.

Whether you need more calls, a better-looking site, or improved website rankings, you can count on our marketing for inpatient rehabs to get it done.

Meet Them Where They Are

Where do you go when you want to find information about any subject? If you’re like most people you most likely hop on the internet and do a quick search. Your potential admits do the same thing and that’s why you need to focus your marketing efforts on search engine optimization for your website. When you do that, they’ll find your website when they need your help the most. People in a crisis aren’t going to flip through the paper or the phonebook. They’re going straight to their phone or tablet to find someone who can help them. Make the most of your marketing budget and use seo services.

Get Drug Rehab Leads

If you want to get drug rehab leads then use seo services. It’s a great way to obtain them. Getting a lead of off your website is very different than using a service that sells rehab leads. That because these leads are just for you. When you use a service that sells leads, you most likely won’t be the only business who gets the lead. For example, if you buy a lead from an agency that sells leads, there’s no way to know if you’re the first and only person to receive that lead. Just ask yourself, if your lead is going to be contacted by 5 other rehabs when they get off the phone with you, how valuable is that lead. If that person is going to be hounded on the phone by other rehabs, it may turn into a situation where the person who can offer the lowest price wins. Do you want to get into a price bidding war? We bet you don’t. You’re busy saving lives and that’s why you only have time for exclusive leads.

Treatment Center Marketing for All Addictions

No matter what kind of addiction your treatment center provides services, you can use our search engine optimization services to get leads and more admissions. Whether you provide treatment services for alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or behavioral addiction we can help. If your drug rehab offers treatment for behavioral addictions in addition to drug addiction, we can help. Here are some of the behavioral addiction treatments we can help you market:

  • Gambling addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Food addiction
  • Shopping addiction
  • Video game addiction
  • Internet addiction
  • Plastic surgery addiction

As you know, addiction is a disease, and drinking and taking drugs is but a symptom. Some addicts may have other symptoms, and you can use our services to reach more addicts who need your help.

If you offer treatment for dual diagnosis we can help you market your services for treatment of:

  • depression
  • bipolar disorder
  • anxiety
  • and other mental illnesses

If you’re facility treats addicts who are self-medicating their mental illness with drugs and alcohol, we can help you reach them.

How to Market Your Substance Abuse Treatment Center

SEO services are the best way to market your substance abuse treatment center. Digital marketing brings in leads from the internet and is just what you need to stay ahead of your competition. When you use search engine optimization your website will be optimized and you’ll have backlinks created for your site, as well as blog outreach. This is a recipe for online success.

The Best Marketing for Your Detox Center

Conversion is an important part of the addiction treatment lead generation process. That’s why we’ll make sure your reviews are on a prominent place on your website. Having them on your testimonial page is just not enough, because website viewers may not make it past your homepage. You need to lay it all on the page they come in on.

Why Reviews Are So Important

People are putting the lives of their loved ones in your hands. Reading positive reviews goes a long way. It could be the one thing that pushes someone to call you. So don’t be shy in asking your clients to leave reviews of your drug rehab. Reviews can also come from family members of patients who are pleased with what your rehab did for their child, parent, or spouse. The great thing is once you have enough reviews, your Google listing will start to stand out in a good way.

Who Will Find Your Site

When you use our online and offline seo SEO services we’ll create a campaign for the sole purpose of increasing your admissions. In order to do that we’ll help rank your website for keywords that people who want to get into a drug rehab are looking for or for keywords that people who want to admit a loved one into an addiction recovery center are looking for. You see, it’s important to target the correct audience on the internet and we’ll help you do that.

What Makes Your Treatment or Detox Center?

Take a moment and think about this question. What makes your addiction recovery any different than the one down the road? Or for that matter, the one in another state, because any recovery center is only a plane ride away. So, what makes your center better? What makes it special? Why should someone put their loved ones in your hands? These are the questions your potential admits are going to ask themselves, so why not answer them on your website. Here are some of the ways you might set yourself apart from the crowd:

  • Are you a faith-based treatment center?
  • Are you an outpatient detox center?
  • What kind of amenities do you provide?
  • What kind of food do you offer?
  • Is your treatment center in a desirable location?
  • How does your detox center help people?
  • What kind of specialized programming do you offer?
  • Do you offer exercise classes?
  • Do you offer art therapy?
  • Do you teach meditation?

These are just some examples and hopefully, they help you get thinking in the right direction. Maybe your none of these things, all of these things, or just one of these things. The point is there is something unique about your facility and you should advertise that fact. Maybe come of your staff members are members of professional addiction organizations. Maybe your facility has special accreditations. Just take some time to think and you’ll figure it out. When you speak to us, we can figure it out together and makes sure this information is properly conveyed on your website.

Make Your Amenities Visual

Does your treatment center offer more amenities than most? That’s great, but so do other detox centers, so a simple list will not do. Your website needs a photo of each amenity that you provide. Do you offer superior cuisine? Then let’s see a photo of that scrumptious food. Do you offer yoga classes? Let’s see a photo of your exercise studio. Does your clinic have a pool? Snap a photo. It’s great to tell people all of the great things your clinic offers. It’s even better to show them in a simple photo.  Your competition might not be willing to put in the extra effort, but you can.

Let Your Main Telephone Line Double As a Help Line

You already have someone answering the phone at your facility. Why not make it double as a helpline? After all, it already is. Think about it. Yo have addiction counselors at your facility. Who better to take these kinds of calls. You can either set up a call tracking number that goes directly to their extension or when someone calls requesting the helpline, have the person who answers the lie route them to one of your counselors. This is a great opportunity to help people and get more people admitted to your facility.

Build Up Your Email List

Is anyone on your email list? You can count on us to help you build it up for you. After all, a properly maintained email list is a great source of future referrals. It’s worth maintaining. Whether you want to create a newsletter or a send out reviews of your service, we’ll help you set it up.

  • This is a great way to stay in touch with family members who want to send their spouse or child to your facility
  • It’s also a great way to keep in touch with drug addicts or alcoholics who aren’t ready to take the first step.

Your emails need to include value. Include news, coupons, and testimonials.

Advertising That Works With Your Budget

You’ll be pleased to know we offer a variety of SEO packages and can customize a package that meets your need. Every rehab has a different budget and we’ll help you choose a package that meets your needs. You can depend on us to for a custom package that meets all of your digital marketing needs.

Great Looking Sites for Fantastic Prices

Do you need a new website? Is your site outdated or just plain ugly looking? You can count on us to provide you with a beautiful site that brings in new leads and phone calls. The best part is you’ll get a great price from us. We believe a great looking site is an important part of a professional seo campaign. We not only want to improve your ranking on major search engines, we want you to get new customers to call you. That’s why it’s essential that your website looks great. When you give us a call, we’ll make that happen.

Strengthen Your LinkedIn Presence for Valuable Professional Partnerships

You can also depend on us to show you how to use our LinkedIn profile to create relationships that can turn into referrals later down the road. Much like your blog, LinkedIn is a place for you to create articles on the subject of addiction. If you put them out often enough, other people in the addiction recovery community will see that your rehab is worth noticing. This can also lead to more people taking a look at your website and seeing for themselves what your drug or alcohol rehab has to offer.

Reach Them With Your Blog

Your homepage isn’t the only page on your website with the potential to rank and reach people. Your blog also has ranking potential and if used correctly, it can be a great tool to bring in leads. You see, if your website is a trusted source of information about addiction, people may be more inclined to call your rehab versus a rehab with no blog. After all, you’re positioning yourself as an expert in your field when you are the source of trustworthy information. You can depend on us to get your blog started and filled with great content. Be the rehab that has great resources for their potential clients.

Here are some great blog topics:

  • What to do after treatment
  • Ways to enjoy a clean and sober life
  • How to say no to drugs and alcohol
  • How to identify your triggers
  • How to stay accountable
  • How to help a loved one
  • Signs of enablement
  • Support groups for family members of addicts

You can also do an entire series of blog posts on the 12 steps of recovery. You could do a blog post on each step of you wanted to. This is a great way to show people that there is a support system available after visiting your treatment center and once again positions yourself as an expert in the world of recovery.

Reach Out on YouTube

You can also reach out to suffering addicts and alcoholics on YouTube. You can do an informative video series and of course, all of those videos will point back to your website. Here are some video ideas:

  • A tour of your rehab
  • An explanation fot the 12 steps
  • Why addiction is a disease
  • How to stay sober
  • How to help a suffering addict
  • Introduce your counselors

Marketing Your Website Is an Important Long-Term Investment

Your website belongs to you. No one is going to take it away from you. When you market it online, you keep the results. Sure, you need to do upkeep to maintain it, but it’s affordable. Compare that to radio and print. You pay for one commercial or your pay for one print ad and a day of exposure is all the mileage you get. That’s a one and done scenario. SEO gets your website where it needs to be online and helps you keep it there for the long term. In the end, Facebook can shut down, the radio can close up shop, the newspaper could fold, but your website is always yours. Therefore it makes sense to keep it up to date and looking good. It’ll always be a way for you to bring in leads. Keep up your seo efforts and your website will continue to be your greatest salesperson.

Monthly Reporting That Keeps You In the Loop

When you use our services you’ll always know what’s going on with your seo campaign. We do that by providing you with two monthly reports that outline the progress of your campaign. The first one is a ranking report. This shows you where your site is ranking on the major search engines for any given keyword or search phrase. The second report is a call tracking report. This shows you how many calls are coming directly off of your website. We track all calls that come off of your website. This is important because it shows you that the campaign is reaching people. It also helps you differentiate the calls that are coming from different sources.

Help Keeping an Eye on What People Are Saying About Your Rehab Online

If someone is kind enough to leave you a positive review online, you should respond with a thank you. If someone leaves a less than stellar review about your drug or alcohol detox center you need to respond to that review in some form or fashion as well. At the very least, you can respond by saying that you’ll get in touch with them. After all, a short response is better than no response at all. People might think you don’t care if they see that.  Don’t worry. We’ll monitor your online profiles and notify you of new reviews as they come in. Also, if you suspect that some of the negative reviews are false or written by your competition, we’ll help you take the steps to get those false reviews taken down.

Let’s Reduce Your Cost Per Admit

When you use our services we won’t wast your campaign money on keywords that don’t bring people into your facility. Your campaign will be laser focused. It will only include keywords that people search for when they want to get into a detox program or a drug rehab. In other words, you’ll only be paying to be found for search terms that make you money. This will help reduce your cost per admit because you won’t spend money ranking for keywords that don’t bring in admits. We serious about bringing in qualified leads to you and will work hard to increase that number as time goes by. You just let us know where you want to focus your website traffic and we’ll create a list of keywords that will help fill the beds in your treatment center.

Why Call Tracking Is Essential

Not only does call tracking show how many calls that are coming in off of your website, it’s also a great tool to improve the way you receive leads. You’ll be able to listen to how your calls are answered and what your potential customers are asking for. Are they asking for something you don’t offer, but could provide in the future? Could the people answering the phone be more compassionate? There’s truly a lot to learn by studying the calls that come in and call tracking is a fantastic way to be able to do that. You’ll be able to listen to every single call that comes into your facility and know exactly where the call came from and when it was placed. This is also great if for some reason a call is not answered. The report will be broken down into answered and unanswered calls, so you can call back all your missed leads. In the best case scenario, you’ll answer the call after the second ring. That’s because calling a treatment center can be scary for some people and they may just hang up before they get to your answering machine. Just imagine someone calling for a spouse or child. They don’t know if treatment is going to help. As the line rings, they start to second-guess themselves and hang up. What about the person suffering from drug or alcohol addiction? As they wait for the line to be answered they may start to wonder if they even deserve treatment for their disease. That’s why it’s best to answer every phone call after two rings. This way, they don’t have time to start their ‘stinking thinking” and you’ll be able to offer them the help they deserve.

Another Reason to Have a Blog On Your Website

Believe or not, some people still don’t know or care to admit that drug and alcohol addiction is a disease. A huge stigma surrounds addiction and some people don’t want to admit that they may have an addiction or that their family member is an addict. That’s where your blog comes in. You can use it to educate people and teach them that addiction is a disease, a mental obsession coupled with a physical craving. These blog posts may help convert people who come to your site looking for help for themselves or a family member but aren’t sold on the idea that this is a true disease. Think of this way. They come to your site see that you offer addiction treatment, but wonder, “Hey, I don’t really need to go here. I’ll quit on my own.”. But then, they’ll read a few of your posts and see that they can’t quit on there, just as they couldn’t treat themselves for any other disease. In the end, a great blog can convert people on the fence who are thinking about coming to your treatment center. Couple that with testimonials and you have a solid way to get people to pick up the phone to call you.

Highlight Recovery Resources

Linking out to authority sites in your niche is a small, but important step in improving your website. That’s why it would be a great idea to have a recovery resource page. This page would link out to:

  • Listing of local AA meetings
  • Listing of local NA meetings
  • Listing of local CA meetings
  • Listing of local HA meetings
  • Listing of local Alanon meetings
  • Listings of local Alateen meetings

This resource page can also include links to non-competing blogs and addiction news sites. This will boost your credibility and make someone who visits your site believe that your site is trustworthy.

Offer More Than One Way to Contact You for Help

While a phone call is what you probably want the most, your potential admits may not want to make the first call. That’s why you can offer more than one way to get in touch. In your call to action area of your homepage you can have it display:

  • Call Us – Your phone number is listed and they call you.
  • Email Us – Your email is listed and they email you.
  • Let Us Call You – A form is available for them to schedule a time to talk.
  • Live Chat – A button is displayed to connect into a live chat.

As you see this allows you to pull in leads in four different ways. All you need to do it present them with a few options and they just pick the one that works best for them.

List Every Insurance Provider You Accept

Another way to increase the quality of calls you receive is to list the types of insurance you accept. It can be as simple as putting their logos on your homepage and a line that says you accept most insurance. You can also have a dedicated insurance page that shares the complete list of insurance providers you work with. If you accept private pay, make sure you list that as well. This will increase the quality of leads you get in, because the people who are calling should already have the insurance you accept.

If You Don’t Accept Medicaid or Medicare, Then Say So

If you don’t take Medicaid or Medicare, then you should include that on your insurance page as well. You can also add a line on your homepage as well. This will reduce the number of calls that you get, asking if you do because it will be plainly stated on your website. This doesn’t take very long to do but will help you get the kind of calls that you want.

The Right Keywords for Your Rehab Website

Your website will be optimized for profitable keywords. In fact, we’ll zero in on “buying” keywords, not “research’ keywords. We want your website to be found by looking to call a rehab, not people researching addiction and the idea of going to a rehab. This is important because we want people to visit your website who want to use your website, not gain information on addiction. Here are some of the keywords we can help your rehab or detox center rank for:

  • alcohol detox
  • alcohol rehab
  • drug rehab
  • drug rehab inpatient
  • drug rehab outpatient
  • drug rehab near me
  • drug rehab program

Here are some keywords we wouldn’t try to rank your site for:

  1. alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  2. alcohol withdrawal headache
  3. alcohol withdrawal vitamins

You can create blog posts around those subjects, but you wouldn’t want to put your best marketing efforts on those keywords. That simply because people who are searching for those keywords most likely aren’t looking for a rehab. They’re just looking for information. They don’t have the intention of calling a rehab. You see the difference now? You want your best marketing efforts put towards people who want to pick up the phone and call a rehab or a detox center.

No One Likes an Ugly Website

When people are searching for a rehab or drug treatment center, the last thing they want to see is an ugly website. After all, they need to trust your website in order to give you a call. If your website looks like it was last updated in 1990, then there’s not seo for drug rehabsa chance many people will call you. After all, they’re making a call to save their life or the life of someone they love.  That’s exactly why we’ll review your website when you start a campaign with us. If it needs to be updated, we’ll let you know.  Your website should be easy to navigate, load quickly, look good on mobile, and the most important information about your website should be easy to locate. Don’t worry if it does, you’ll get a wonderful price from us.

Here’s what you should include on your drug rehab website:

  • photos of your facility
  • photos of your amenities
  • photos of people at your facility
  • contact information
  • call to action
  • payment information
  • accepted insurance
  • testimonials

Don’t Forget About Your Sidebar

Your website needs a sidebar and not just any sidebar. A great way to have a unique testimonial on each page is to include one in your sidebar. You can also have the logos of the insurance providers you accept, and a form to fill out to receive admittance information with a clear call to action on it. You can also include an inspirational recovery quote. The point here is that your sidebar is a great way to humanize and personalize your website. You can always change it out and if you want it can be customized for each page. This, of course, can be done by us when we set up your new website.

Make the Most of Your Footer of Your Website

Some people just put their contact information in their footer, but not you. It’s also a great place to add another call to action and links to all of your service pages. Think of it as another chance to direct people’s attention to your most important information. You can also use this space to embed your Google Maps listing. When we set up your website, we’ll take care of this for you.

Include a Visual Tour in Your Header

It can be frightening to go somewhere you’ve never been. You can help your potential admits feel better about visiting your treatment center by including a visual tour of your facility in the footer of your website. You can either link to a video of your facility or you can link to a gallery of photos of your facility. You can also have “slider” of photos of your facility at the top of your homepage. This can do a lot to boost the confidence of people who are considering giving you a call. When you call us to create your site, we can handle any of the three.

Boost Confidence With a FAQS Section

What are the most common questions you get asked? What are some of the most helpful questions to awnser? All of this would make a fantastic frequently asked questions page on your website. You see, if you provide this helpful information, it’ll help bring in more leads, because we’ll see you as a trustworthy and reliable source of information on the subject of addiction and recovery. It’ll also give them a chance to learn a little bit more about your treatment center. You can awsner questions about your facility and on recovery. Here are some sample questions that you can include:

  1. What kind of insurance do you accept?
  2. Do you accept Medicare?
  3. How much does treatment cost?
  4. What kind of amenities do you provide?
  5. Do you offer dual diagnosis treatment?
  6. What is treatment like at your facility?
  7. How long does treatment last?
  8. Can I just go to a 12 step program instead?
  9. Do you offer gender-specific treatment?
  10. What kind of programs do you offer?
  11. Do you only treat alcohol and drug addiction?
  12. Can I contact my family while I’m in treatment?
  13. What can I bring?
  14. What happens after?
  15. Do I need to get into a 12 step program when I leave?

When we create your site we’ll write out a custom list of questions and answers tailored to your treatment center or detox. You can answer as many or as few questions as you want. Remember, this is a great tool for people to familiarize themselves with your treatment center and another reason for them to call you.

Include an Event Page

Do you offer events that are open to the public? Do you offer events that are only open to people at your treatment center? Do you have speakers come to your facility and give live talks? No matter what kind of events you offer, you need to have them on one page that gets updated frequently. The more potential admits and their family can know about your center the better. You can have us create the page and place a link to it on the navigation bar of your homepage. This is also a great way to create valuable links for your website. Here are some event ideas for your rehab or detox center:

  • Closed speaker night
  • Open speaker night for family
  • Recovery retreats
  • Educational seminars

These events show the community that you’re in and the people that are visiting your website that your drug and alchohol recovery center has a lot to offer and is a true benefit to the the community and the world of recovery.

Mobile Friendly Website

If you have a cell phone then you already know that people use it for more then making phone calls. It’s truly an online portal that used to read blogs, write emails, and make the occasional phone call. That’s why your website needs to be mobile friendly. Take a look at your site on your phone right now. How does it stack up against your competition? Is your website easy to read and equally as easy to navigate on your phone? In this day and age, it’s imperative that it does.

Complete Link Management

We don’t just create links for you, we manage all of your links for you. Your link profile will be monitored and if your competition decides to spam your site, those links will be taken down. If you currently have penalties against your website we’ll work to get them removed for you.

Quality Link Building With Blog Outreach

Your website needs quality links to make headway in your competitive market. That’s why we’ll create quality backlinks through a variety of means. This includes articles on quality blogs sites and blogs that compliment addiction. This is a great way to improve your website ranking and online branding.

Pay Per Click Management for Faster Leads

Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy for success. Depending on what you want to rank, where you want to rank, and who your competition is, it can take time to get the results you seek. That’s why we recommend using pay per click to bring in leads in the beginning. You can use ppc to only a specific audience sees your ads. This helps you get in touch with the people who can use your services the most.

PPC Landing Pages That Get Results

You can also depend on us for pay per click marketing. Your campaign setup will include customized landing pages that get your client’s attention and gives them compelling reasons to give you a call. These landing pages will reflect your brand, your mission, and why your rehab is the best choice.

Marketing Strategies for Drug and Alchohol Rehabilitation

The marketing strategy you get with us will be completely digital. We can build your website from the ground up or we can improve the one you already have for maximized conversion. We’ll them do the on page seo for your website, while building out quality backlinks. If more leads are needed we’ll create and optimize a pay per click campaign. The end goal of all of this will always be to increase the number of leads you are getting. We’ll work to improve your campaign every month so you get better results. Our marketing strategy is designed to get more people to your website, so more people are calling you to use your recovery or detox services.

On Page SEO That’s a Cut Above the Rest

You need effective on page seo for your campaign and you’ll get that from us. We’ll make sure each page of your website is optimized for maximum search engine optimization benefit. Each page will be keyword focused and all of your meta, header, and alt information will be filled out. The thing is we know that your pages aren’t just for robots to crawl and rank your page because you have your seo information filled out. Real people are going to come to your website. That’s why we’ll make sure your website is human readable. That means that while your website will include seo information for Google, it will be done in such a way that when people come to your website, the text will appear natural and easy to read.

Off Page That Brings Results

Our offpage seo services provide your website with the quality backlinks you need for your website to succeed in the competitive world of addiction.  We’ll review the backlink profile of your competition and we’ll create a timeline that shows you how long it will take to out backlink them and provide better links than they have as well. You’ll get links that are industry specific as well as general links to create a diverse amount of backlinks. This is essential if you want to rank well. As you very well know, the drug rehab business is competitive. That’s why you need link building that’s intelligent yet aggressive. Your competition’s website may be ahead of you today, but it doesn’t have to be that way forever. You just need to stay on top of our backlinking and outdo them as much as you can. In the end, your website will rank much better and you’ll reach more customers who need your rehab services to live a better life.

Get More Clients Into Your Rehab

You’re providing an important service to the people who suffer from the disease of addiction. That’s why they need to see your website when they search for treatment centers online. When you have search engine optimization done for your website, you’ll help your website show up in major search engines for the search terms your potential clients are looking for. This means more phone calls and leads for your treatment center and the right recovery services for your clients. It’s a perfect match and the kind of advertising that fill beds.

Placement in Drug Rehab Directories

You can depend on us to make sure that you’re placed in all of the most popular drug rehab directory. Your directory listing will be completely filled out with all of the most up to date information. We’ll also place your website in essential business directories as well.

Press Release Distribution to Reach New Clients

Want more people to find your website naturally? You can depend on us to create and release press releases online. The press releases can be on any newsworthy subject. People will learn more about your drug rehab facility and they’ll have a chance to click to any page on your website immediately. You simply can’t get those kinds of results with a print newspaper.

Video Creation That Gets More Website Placements

Another service you can take advantage of when you use our services is online video creation and distribution. These videos will detail the services you provide and have a clear call to action at the end. This is important because this provides another ranking opportunity. Imagine seeing your video and website both ranking on the first page of Google.

Compelling Ad Placement On Social Media Platforms

In addition to a fully optimized search engine marketing campaign, you can also depend on us to create a full ad campaign on Facebook. This is a great way to bring in more leads at a competitive price. People sign into their social media accounts every day. That’s why your rehab center needs to have a strong social media presence.

In addition to putting ads up on Facebook, you can:

  • Create a support group – Stay in touch with the addiction community and help others.
  • Share your blog posts – Allows more people to read your blog posts.
  • Share addiction news – Shows other you are a source of valuable information.

You Need to Outmarket Your Competition

Your competition has a website just like you do. That’s why it’s imperative that you get as many first page results for profitable keywords as possible. Your website has to show up for as many targeted drug rehab oriented results as possible. It’s how more people will find your site and the best way to outmarket competing drug rehabs.

Leads for All of Your Locations

Whether you have one center or 20 centers, we’ll help you get leads. We can also help you get both local and national leads. In other words, if you’re in San Francisco, but want to reach out to online searchers in New Jersey we can help you do just that. The internet is boundless and we’ll get your site in front of searchers wherever they may be.

Rehab Marketing Ideas We Don’t Like

We believe that we live in a digital world and it’s getting more digital every day. That’s why we don’t think you’ll get the value you deserve from advertising on:

  • the radio – Radio isn’t laser targeted and with a smartphone in every car who listens to commercials anymore?
  • the newspaper – Again, it’s going to everyone and many people don’t read a print paper every day.
  • the phonebook – Most people throw those away as soon as they get to their door.

At the end of the day, the true downfall of this kind of advertising is that they aren’t going to be used in a crisis situation. If someone’s family member has fallen off the wagon and needs help right now, they aren’t going to fumble through the paper, flip through the phone book, or put on the radio hoping to hear a commercial for a drug rehab. Absolutely not. They are going to go on their phone or computer and search for a rehab. That’s why if you want calls from people who need your drug rehabilitation services immediately you need to invest money in digital advertising.

Google Maps Optimization

In addition to finding your website online, your potential clients will also seek out your Google Maps listing. It needs to be accurate and well written. We’ll also show you how to get real reviews from real clients you have helped. That’s important because people read your reviews online before they call you, so let potential admits find them on your Google Map. Just be sure there are real reviews! In many cases, if you keep up on your reviews, your Google Map may rank above your competition’s Google Map.

Addiction Treatment Marketing Plans Personalized for You

You’ll be pleased to know that your addiction treatment marketing plan will be personalized for your drug rehab. Your marketing plan will be tailored to bring in qualified leads. Whether you want to reach people who are looking for a drug rehab or an alcohol treatment center, we can help you.

Addiction Treatment Lead Generation You Can Count On

If you get leads from us, you’ll be the only one who gets the leads. We do not sell leads to multiple rehab centers. We simply build up your website and the leads are routed to your phone. That’s important because you don’t want a lead that’s been sent out to multiple rehab centers. Those simply lead you don’t want. You want exclusive leads and that’s what you’ll get from us.

Community Outreach Helps

A great way to increase your local online presence is to get your website featured on local community websites. Here’s how:

  • Donate money to a local charity
  • Sponsor a baseball team
  • Create a scholarship

Enlarge Your Service Area and Reach New Clients

Are you thinking of opening a second location in a different area? Maybe you’re considering opening up a new office in a new state. You can depend on us to set up everything from A to Z for your new location. From your new Google Maps to a new website, we’ll take care of everything. If you’re not opening a new location, but would like to reach potential clients in new areas, we can set up an Adwords campaign to help you reach them.

Get Found for More Services

Do you provide a variety of alcohol and drug rehabilitation services, but aren’t getting calls for all of your services? You can drug rehab seocount on us to increase the number of search terms your website is found for. Whether you’ve always provided the services or are adding new ones, we’ll happen you broaden your customer reach. You see, people are searching for those terms online and it’s better if they find your website instead of your competitions. The right seo strategy will help move your site for all of your drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. You provide a valuable service to our world and people deserve to find your website. Let us help you by bridging the gap between you and your new clients.

Call Us Today for a Free Consultation

Call us today for a free consultation for our search engine optimization services. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Start out with a totally free call today. Stop losing customers to your competition! If you want to help the maximum amount of people get the help that they deserve and start filling more beds, give us a call today and get more treatment leads.

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