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Do you want to work with the best seo company for lawyers? Are you interested in having your website show up on seo services for lawyersthe first page of Google for profitable search terms? You’ll be pleased to know you can get measurable results from us. In fact, you’ll get the leads and calls you need to grow your law firm. Call us today for a free consultation and find out how you can get more business from us with our best local SEO services. We look forward to making your website traffic better than it’s ever been.

Why Use Our SEO Services for Your Law Firm

You can depend on our seo services to give your website the boost it needs to make a splash on the search engines. You can count on us to improve the on page seo on your website and the off page seo that’s going into it. This will steadily improve your online presence and thereby bring more visitors to your site. The great thing is that you’ll get more calls, because your website will be designed for optimal conversion. That’s right, you get seo and conversion services from us in one neat package. That’s what you can expect when you hire the best law firm seo company.

Why Law Firm Internet Marketing Is So Important

The internet is a competitive place. Your website will not rank by accident. You need a strong seo campaign behind it in order to get to page one and this is especially true in the legal industry. You’re smart enough to know that there are many lawyers who want to be on the first page for legal services in your town or city. That’s why you need seo services for your website if you plan on ever standing a chance to compete for the best spots on page one of Google. You’ll get the best seo for your law firm.

Attorney Internet Marketing That Increase Rankings

You can use our lawyer seo marketing to rank your site for a variety of legal services that include:law firm seo expert

  • Family law
  • Personal injury law
  • Estate planning law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Environmental law
  • Juvenile law
  • Employment law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Corporate law
  • Immigration law
  • Medical malpractice law
  • Health law
  • Educational law
  • Worker’s compensation law
  • Contract law
  • Criminal law
  • Real estate law
  • Entertainment law
  • Civil litigation law
  • Disability law
  • Civil rights law

As you can see, people are searching for your attorney specialty. Search engine optimization services help them find you.

On Page SEO for Lawyers

Our on site optimization services are designed to get you better rankings, by creating a website that is seo friendly. Here are some of the ways your website will be optimized:

  • Title tag
  • Meta tag
  • Alt tag
  • Image tag
  • Content optimization
  • Site map submission
  • KML file submission
  • Web page error resolution
  • Plus more

Call us today to speak to the best seo company for law firms.

Best Law Firm PPC to Increase Your Leads

You can bring in new leads in a variety of ways online and one of those methods is pay per click advertising. It’s a great way to put your ad right in front of the people who are searching for it and is great compliment to a seo campaign. In most cases, seo takes time to get results, because that’s the nature of that type of marketing. You have to build and build, month by month, before you get to the first page of Google. With PPC, your ad shows up as soon as you pay. The great thing is, once your seo efforts start to pay off and you’re getting leads from your site, you can reduce your ppc budget, until you have the right balance between ppc leads and seo leads.

Legal SEO Backlinking That You Can Trust

You can depend on us to create a variety of backlinks for your site. Here are some of the ways that they’ll be created with our law firm seo services:

  • Competitive backlinking
  • Blog posts
  • Directory submission
  • Press releases
  • DMOZ submission
  • Plus more!

SEO Service Packages for Your Law Firmseo for lawyers review

You’ll be glad to know that our services include:

  • Phone consultation
  • Website review
  • Campaign analysis
  • Competition review
  • Google penalty review
  • Spam link check
  • Keyword optimization
  • Duplicate content review
  • Backlink profile analysis
  • Backlink reporting
  • Call tracking reporting
  • And more

Get a Better Website with Lawyer SEO Marketing

Your website is usually the first introduction people make with you online. That’s why when you use our website design services you can rest assured that your site will be attractive and modern looking. This is just what you want in place when your site is ranking on the first page of Google. Your prospective client should see your site and be impressed enough to pick up the phone and call your law office. That’s why an outdated site will not fly in today’s digital world. Online conversion is extremely important and it starts with your website. You’ll get a competitive rate on your new site as part of your seo package with us.

Cut Through the Competition of Other Legal Websites

As you’re smart enough to know, ranking for any legal keywords on the internet is competitive. It’s not feasible to rank on the first page of google for “lawyer” or “attorney” without proper search engine optimization. In other words, you won’t rank on your own. You need the help of a seo expert to get ahead of your online competition and rank. When you partner with us for our services, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Online and Offline SEO That’s Tracked

When you use our seo services you’ll be pleased to know that your campaign will be tracked and that you’ll get reports from us every month. You’ll get a ranking report and a call tracking report. Your ranking report will outline the progress of your website ranking and where your website stands for each keyword on all major search engines. Your call report will show you every call that came off of your website and will detail the phone number, caller name, and length of call. You’ll see the progress of your campaign every month.

How We Help Your Law Firm Make a Splash on the Major Search Engines

You can depend on us to bring your website to the top of the major search engines. Here’s how we’ll get to know you:

  1. Find out your marketing goals
  2. Evaluate your website
  3. Evaluate your online competition
  4. Present you with a winning strategy

Why Choose Us for Legal SEO Services

  • Great results
  • Competitive prices
  • Tracked results
  • Open communication
  • Personalized services

Can You Audit My Current SEO Campaign from Another SEO Firm?

Yes, we could be glad to take a look at it for you. We’ll tell you what’s working, what’s not working, and what’s missing. We’ll show you what we would do to fill in the gaps and you can have us impllement that work immediatley.

Hire the Best SEO Company for the Same Reasons You Hire the Best Lawyer

When you work with us you’ll get results, because we have the seo experience to create a successful seo campaign. You wouldn’t dream of hiring the second best attorney for a case, so don’t hire the second best seo firm. You’ll always get results with us, not long-winded promises.

Search Engines Are Always Evolving and So Are We

Major search engine algorithms are changing all the time. You’ll be glad to know we keep up with that and all the evolving search engine optimization techniques. That’s important because is the kind of knowledge that’s necessary to maintain search results.  When an algorithm change occurs we’ll adjust your seo campaign and the structure of your website to go along with these new online changes.

Local SEO Services Based On Effective Strategies

  • Google Places optimization
  • Citation link audit
  • Link building
  • Website update
  • On-site optimimzation
  • Off-site optimization
  • plus more

Do I Need SEO and PPC for My Law Office?

Depending on your goals you may need both. If you need to reach new clients right away, you need PPC services. No one starts to rank the first month of their search engine optimization campaign. It takes time and is a worthwhile long-term investment into your business. We suggest that if your budget allows, start with both PPC and SEO. As your seo starts to pick up you can reduce your AdWords budget.

Do I Need SEO for My Local Law Firm?

If you’re no longer taking new clients for your law firm, then obviously you don’t need search engine optimization. If you need new clients, then you online and offline search engine optimization.

Do You Over Consulting?

Yes, we can consult your in-house seo staff to help you get better results. If anything is too complex for your team, we’ll implement the work for you as needed.

Will SEO Bring in New Clients?

You’ll absolutely bring in new clients. After all, when your website is on the first page of Google, people are going to visit your site. If your phone number is on your site, people will call you. The only thing you need to do is be prepared to answer the phone and get your new clients to visit your law office. Since we use professional call tracking, you’ll get email notifications for all of the phone calls, so if you miss one, you’ll have the information to call them back.

How Long Will It Take for My Legal Website to Rank?

This varies from site to site and depends on various factors. When we evaluate your website and websites of your competition we can provide a more accurate time frame. In general, you’ll notice rank improvement in the first few months. However, to get to the first page for such highly competitive keywords like “lawyer” and “attorney” will require more time than that.

Do I Need Content Marketing for My Site?

You absolutely do and you’ll get that when you use our online and offline seo services. It’s an integral part of a solid seo campaign and is a definite part of the on page seo setup you get from us. We’ll use this strategy to focus attention on specific keywords on your site. The more diverse content you have on your site, the better.

Why Does SEO Take Longer Than PPC?

When you start a PPC campaign you’re on page one as soon as your ad is up. Your budget will determine who many times a day a potential client will see your ad. With search engine optimization you’re building out a campaign with long-term results in mind. New pages need to be built and a variety of links have to be created. It can’t all be done at once if you want great results. It’s worth the wait in the end because when you’re on page one for competitive keywords you can bet that you’ll get consistent calls off of your website.

Why Is SEO for Attornies Pricey

The field of search engine optimization for lawyers and attornies is extremely competitive. In fact, it’s extremely competitive and everyone is gunning for the number one spot. The competition you face for clients in the real world is similar to your online competition. If you live in large city that adds another layer of competition. That’s why you need more work done for your site than someone trying to tank for less competitive keywords.

Earn Google’s Trust the Right Way

When we set up a campaign, the work is done month by month on a consistent basis. We don’t throw 1000 links to your site and pray for the best. That would cause a red flag to Google and would get you nowhere. If you want to get anywhere on the major search engines you need to be patient. This is not a game of instant results.

Organic SEO Service List to Build Up Your Law Firm

You can trust our law firm seo experts to bring in more leads and new clients. Here are just some of the organic seo services we provide our clients:

  • On-site seo
  • Off-site seo
  • Conversion optimization
  •  Keyword research
  • Backlink creation
  • Press Release creation
  • Online competition review
  • SEO copywriting content
  • Analytics implementation
  • Site hosting
  • Website design
  • And more

Call Us Today for a Free Legal SEO Consultation

Call us today to speak with an seo expert for your law firm and find out how to dominate the search engines and finally get ahead of your competition. Your free legal seo consultation is just a phone call away.

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