Which Ranks Better? Hangouts On Air, YouTube Live, or Video Upload?

SEO Experiment 1: What’s the best way to publish your video content?

There’s several choices.  The most common belief at the moment is that YouTube Live will get you better ranking over any other video publishing method on YouTube.  But you have to take the common belief with a grain of salt.

How are we going to test these different video SEO methods?

We’re going to firm 3 different yet very similar videos, optimize them similarly, targeting the same keyword.  One will be published with YouTube Live, second with Hangouts On Air, and a third with a regular video upload through the YouTube Studio backend.

How we’re grading the marketing results?

  1. (Primary KPI) How do they rank in RELATION TO EACH OTHER on YouTube Search and Google Video Results.
  2. (Secondary KPI) How they rank in RELATION TO OTHER VIDEOS on YouTube Search
  3. (Secondary KPI) How they rank in RELATION TO OTHER SEARCH RESULTS on Google

More Information for this video uploading test:

About the Keyword:

  • The keyword is _hidden until after the experiment_.
  • Search volume 250+/month
  • Commercially oriented + geo modifier
  • Level of competition on YouTube: High
  • Level of competition on Google SERPs: High

How we’re optimizing the video:

  • Main keyword in title
  • Long, keyword and LSI description
  • Lots of tags
  • Geo tagged for city
  • Caption uploaded with text